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Chronic dieting and appetite dysregulation

What is the current research around how chronic energy restriction or following crash diets affects appetite hormones and/ or appetite regulation long term. Is there a physiological mechanism influencing overeating attributable to appetite dysregulation caused by chronic dieting. I ask as this is something I am often tackling in my nutrition consultancy but research in biochemical and physiological mechanisms seems lacking.

What's Up With Skinny People?

I'm a naturally skinny guy who helps other naturally skinny guys bulk up. I think it largely comes down to a blunted pleasure response to food, smaller stomachs, and/or higher NEAT. A lot of us seem to be taller and more thinly built, too. But why do you think things are things so different for us? Why is it so hard to gain weight? And what can we do about it?

Why do some SDRIs and serotonin precursors reduce hunger

Why do 5-HTP and Wellbutrin reduce appetite?

weight periodization

Are there best practices for the maximum duration someone should spend in fat loss or weight gain phases? Or perhaps an optimal ratio of fat loss/weight gain to maintenance phases? For example, should fat loss phases be for a maximum of 12 weeks followed by maintenance of at least equal duration before resuming a fat loss phase?

Liposuction effect on leptin and hunger?

When someone undergoes liposuction or other surgery that removes adipose tissue, is there a sudden reduction in leptin levels? While this may reduce leptin resistance, could the drop in leptin lead to increased hunger over time?