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We focus on keeping our podcast listeners up-to-date with objective, evidence-based nutrition and health science. For those listeners who wish to turn casual listening into serious applied learning, we created Sigma Premium.
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Sigma Nutrition Premium

SNP was formed from ideas and submissions from our loyal podcast listeners over the years.

We took those questions, suggestions and struggles you sent to us and created something that will change your learning experience...

Become more confident in your nutrition knowledge, whilst supporting ethical, non-sensationalist, and accurate content.
  • More deeply understand
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  • Easily and efficiently revise
  • Create better content
As a Premium subscriber you get exclusive access to:
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SNP29: Athletes & Plant-Based Diets - Evidence & Application in Practice
#523: How Trustworthy is the Food Frequency Questionnaire in Evaluating Dietary Intake? – Deirdre Tobias, ScD
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