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Emulsifiers and health

Emulsifiers seem to be a common ingredient in processed foods. I've heard in-vitro studies claim that they may damage the layers of the GIT. What is the latest evidence on their effects on health, if any?

ADHD & nutrition

Hello, casual listener here. I have learned to sort out the BS from listening to the nuance surrounding topics on this show and appreciate the insight. Do you have any opinions on the literature of diet interventions for ADHD? Anything from whole diets to individual foods to the notorious red food dye. I am not familiar enough with reviewing studies myself and there is a ton of overly strong anecdotal opinions on this matter so hearing your perspective would be valuable to me to know if this area is worth paying attention to or is just quackery. Thanks!

NAFLD and the liver

Dietary interventions for patients with NAFLD or elevated transaminases independent of other LFT raising factors such as, hep C, cancers, or pharmacokinetic elevations from drugs like statins?

Autoimmune Disease and diet/supplements

Is there any good research surrounding diets/supplements for autoimmune diseases such as sjorgrens, RA, lupus? Curcumin for inflammation? Omega 3s (ocular) or acidic foods (oral) on sicca symptoms? Vitamin D? Etc

"Causal" Risk Factor

In SNP16 Alan uses the term "causal risk factor" a couple of times. Knowing how precise you guys are with language, inclusion of "causal" has got to be deliberate here. Can you please enlighten a newbie as to what specifically a "causal" risk factor is, and how that differs from other nutritional risk factors, if at all? Thanks.