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Nutrition/Supplements for Joint Health

Are there are any nutrients or supplements with good/ strong evidence for improving joint health? Most I find seem to have only a neutral or small positive impact (despite some places making very big claims, which seem unfounded; like collagen for example, where the evidence on it doing anything seems weak?).

Shifting perspectives

This is a two part question: 1) Are there any things that you've changed your mind about or had your position shift significantly on in the last year or two? Not even necessarily a reversal of position, but a significant change in credence on a topic would qualify. 2) Do you have any predictions about things you might change your mind about in the next year or two? Like, is there a perspective that you currently hold (and currently think is most likely), but where you expect certain evidence might emerge in the next year that would shift it significantly? Thanks as always for the amazing work you guys do.

Alcohol and glucose

When we talk about lifestyle factors in diabetes managing we don’t often include alcohol. Can drinking alcohol lead to compromised blood glucose management in the long term? Does alcohol affect beta cell function and/or insulin sensitivity?

PCOS Pathophysiology & Phenotypes

In episode SNP9, Alan breifly mentions above and some diet strategies (e.g. energy frontloading). Would Alan tell us more about the Pathophysiology and Phenotypes of PCOS and perhaps how you could communicate this information to a lay person please?

Lp(a) and CVD

Hi- there is some interesting data out there on Lp little a and CVD risk and how this measure can be an independent risk factor for CVD and CVD related events. I have very high HDL (well over 120) but according to an NMR test I got, my Lp little a is considered "high." Old school though would say I would live forever with my extremely high HDL but with this Lp(a) being high- I am now really worried. My apo b is moderately high and I have done a CAC scan and that was 0. But from what I understand that Lp(a) being high is what the issue is and that maybe because I am only 40 I have not had any issues. I do not have heart disease in my family/no-one that I know of has had a heart attack. What are your thoughts on Lp(a) as an independent risk factor for CVD/CVD related events? Thanks!