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Visual muscle size differences in plant-based athletes

Hi Sigma team. I'm a coach of a combat sport. Subsequently, I am very aware of my students' weights. Anecdotally, I have noticed a trend in my plant-based students that, when compared to students eating non plant-based diets, there appears an obvious visual difference in muscle sizes (smaller/not as pronounced in plant-based) in individuals of the same weight and approximate height/dimensions. This difference only seems visual, there does not appear to be differences in strength, power, speed etc. Has this been tested/documented/researched anywhere? While I acknowledge these observations might simply be a confirmation bias of mine, if true what might explain this phenomenon? Thanks, Steve.

Anorexia and morbid obesity and metabolic compensation

Can you talk about the conditions of anorexia and morbid obesity and how they essentially defy the rules of metabolic compensation? In other words- I understand anorexia to be a mental health condition where the individual starves themselves with a purpose to control weight. And morbid obesity being excessive consumption despite over fatness, etc. If the body has these numerous mechanisms by which calorie restriction or calorie over- consumption results in these compensatory processes-driving us to eat more/less slow us down/speed us up, and many more; do these individuals NOT "hear" these signals or are they just adept at ignoring them or is it that their bodies have lost the ability to compensate for their under or over consumption? Additionally, can anyone become anorexic or morbidly obese or is it merely genetics, and if you are in the proper life circumstance- you set these tendencies off? Thanks so much for your consideration of this convoluted question! Kristen in Dallas.

Fish consumption linked with cancer risk

What are your thoughts on the recently released study in the US ( NIH-AARP diet and health study ) linking 2 servings/week, or more. of fish to a 22% increase in risk of developing Skin Cancer. From what I read, the study didn't take into account some key confounders such as history of sun exposure or severe sun burns.

What's Up With Skinny People?

I'm a naturally skinny guy who helps other naturally skinny guys bulk up. I think it largely comes down to a blunted pleasure response to food, smaller stomachs, and/or higher NEAT. A lot of us seem to be taller and more thinly built, too. But why do you think things are things so different for us? Why is it so hard to gain weight? And what can we do about it?

Quantifying Everything

As an iOS developer, my instinct is to assume determinism and quantifiability of the entire universe. I believe this to be fundamentally true. But what is hypothetically possible differs from what we can realistically know. I worry that attempts like yours to quantify some seemingly qualitative measures are doomed. I have similar concerns about happiness research. How do you reassure yourself you can really construct an algorithm that deciphers the "ideal weight program" for any given user - do you rely on averages?