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What can we make of gut microbiome research?

Hello, Recently, gut microbiome research and its application in diet and lifestyle advice has been called into question due to stool samples lacking in their capability to represent the actual intestinal tract ( I'm now wondering what to believe of all the "science-backed" messages out in the dietetics/nutrition world about "eating to improve your microbiome" and its associations with disease. How do we interpret this new evidence - do we have to throw out previous research? Thanks :)

Hormones affecting diet/cravings

There's not been much discussion about general women's health and nutrition in relation to hormone changes over the course of the cycle. I wonder whether there is any evidence in this field, how to support the body with nutrition over the course of the cycle or how they affect hunger, but also how to manage the intense cravings often rising before menstruation.

What is your assessment of the 2020 Hooper, et al review in Cochrane?

The systematic reviews done by Hooper, et al in Cochrane (in 2001, 2011, 2016 and then 2020) all report no association between modification or reduction of saturated fat intake with cardiovascular mortality, total mortality, non-fatal MI. The only significant effect reported was a relative risk reduction in combined cardiovascular events. Danny and Alan have frequently and strongly supported the idea that dietary replacement of saturated fat with PUFA and healthy carbs improves cardiovascular outcomes. But this Hooper study seems to consistently show that the only effect is on combined events. How should we - meaning non-experts - interpret these reviews, and can you point us to any other data that more strongly demonstrates a direct impact of saturated fat intake on cardiovascular risk outside of its impact on ApoB (the authors of the review specifically state increase in ApoB alone would not explain their findings for various outcomes). Thanks for all your great content. This podcast has changed my life.

Recommended serves of fruit and vegetables

Around the world, there are different government recommendations for serves of fruit/veg per day. Australia recommends 2 fruit and 5 veg, yet less than 10% of the population achieve this. Is the target too high? What would happen if the target was reduced to something like the UK guidelines? What is the evidence around setting these guidelines to make sure that they are realistic enough for people to achieve them, without being so unrealistic that they discourage people from eating fruit/veg?

Nutrition/Supplements for Joint Health

Are there are any nutrients or supplements with good/ strong evidence for improving joint health? Most I find seem to have only a neutral or small positive impact (despite some places making very big claims, which seem unfounded; like collagen for example, where the evidence on it doing anything seems weak?).