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Maximum healthy BMI in lean individual

Sometimes I hear people write-off having a BMI of above 30 as the individual in question is lean and the BMI measurement doesn't take into account body composition. But, is there evidence to suggest any kind of upper limit, where even individuals with a 'healthy' composition would start experiencing worse outcomes?

"Brain health" (dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.)

First of all, really love your series on diet heart studies - great idea to make a series, in order to for listeners to get an "overall" picture :) That said, I wonder where we are, diet-/nutrition-wise, regarding brain health, i.e., dementia (risk), cognition, etc.? There might be some signal in the noise regarding Omega-3, maybe cocoa/flavanols and others, but do we have a "status" here? Any significant evidence and/or possible mechanisms at play? Where should/could we, in your opinion, have a closer look maybe?

Relationship between diet and (male, female) fertility

What does the literature currently show about the role of diet (if any) in fertility? For example, are there any trials researching either retrospectively or prospectively if there is a dietary pattern that is correlated with male sperm count?

Fish contamination

How real are heavy metal and plastic contamination of fish? What are the effects?


In the alternative health space it is quite popular to say that Homocysteine is causal for atherosclerosis while ApoB/LDL-P is not. There are some studies showing association with Homocysteine but also that reducing Homocysteine does not reduce risk (but were trials long enough or happened at too late a stage to make a statistically significant difference? ). Would be interested to find out more about the current science on this.