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Mechanisms that Keeps Weight Stable

Most healthy individuals don’t eat precisely the number of calories they burn each day, often over eating a bit, yet weight stays stable. Apparently the body makes adjustments, even at a cellular level with ROS (?) metabolism. How does all that work, seems fascinating.


Hi Danny! Glyphosate and GMO foods remain controversial and a source of ‘food fear’ for many. Can you speak to the latest evidence we have on the actual consumption levels of glyphosate in a typical diet and if there is cause for concern at typical intake levels? Thank you for all you do!

Sweating from stimulants/caffeine

sorry if you guys answered this already although I didn't hear it on the last QNA. I find it very interesting when my caffeine consumption is higher than usual I notice I sweat under my arms more. what is this a sign of? Is it a bad thing that the body does it?


I consume a vegan diet for environmental and ethical reasons. After 6 years of this diet, I was having noticeable memory/recall issues. I started supplementing choline bitartrate, Coq10, creatine, and taurine and have had much improvement. Is there a scientific basis why this would happen? Are there risks to these supplements? In particular, does choline increase risk because of TMAO? I supposedly have a genetically increased need for choline. Thank you!

Are Energy Drinks Bad for Us?

An energy drink like Monster is full of caffeine, taurine, panax ginseng extract, l-Carnitine, inositol, guarana extract, and b-vitamins. Some flavours also have sugar. Is having an energy drink several times per week, in the morning, before exercising unhealthy? Healthy? Neutral?