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Statins v Ezetimibe

Differences between the two. Mechanism of action? Are there situations, conditions, genetic markers where one may work better than the other?

Omega 3 Index: DHA vs. EPA

Best ratio of DHA vs EPA to increase my Omega 3 index (currently at 5)

sweating from stims

I take ADHD medication and also drink caffeine. I find that I do sweat a fair bit from my armpits. While it's not an issue for me, i just want to know is this detrimental that stimulants cause this? or is it just the body thermoregulating?

Reducing blood pressure

apart from lowering salt intake and eating foods high in potassium are there other things you can take or do to reduce blood pressure

Advice for getting involved in chrononutrition research

Hi Sigma Team, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for anyone wanting to get involved in chrononutrition research. As this is an evolving area, there aren't always 'direct' education paths (e.g. Masters Programs) available everywhere. As people who have conducted research and are more familiar with this area of research, do any of you have qualification or specific program recommendations you'd suggest people strive for in order to help get their foot in the door for opportunities in this area. Much thanks, Mel