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Quantifying Everything

As an iOS developer, my instinct is to assume determinism and quantifiability of the entire universe. I believe this to be fundamentally true. But what is hypothetically possible differs from what we can realistically know. I worry that attempts like yours to quantify some seemingly qualitative measures are doomed. I have similar concerns about happiness research. How do you reassure yourself you can really construct an algorithm that deciphers the "ideal weight program" for any given user - do you rely on averages?

Why do some SDRIs and serotonin precursors reduce hunger

Why do 5-HTP and Wellbutrin reduce appetite?

Patient Information actual model of obesity

Is there a good simple patient information for healthcare professionals that can be handed to a help seeking patient with obesity in first contact, to have a common ground of evidence based knowledge that the professional as well as the patient can start there journey.

Bacteria, obesity, and the brain

In 2018 a poster was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience titled “The human brain microbiome; there are bacteria in our brains!” which showed bacteria apparently penetrating and inhabiting the cells of healthy human brains. While the work was preliminary, have you heard of any further work in this area? What is your opinion on the possibility that, if bacteria do inhabit the brain, they could play a part in appetite regulation and/or obesity similar to how the gut microbiome can affect our health?

weight periodization

Are there best practices for the maximum duration someone should spend in fat loss or weight gain phases? Or perhaps an optimal ratio of fat loss/weight gain to maintenance phases? For example, should fat loss phases be for a maximum of 12 weeks followed by maintenance of at least equal duration before resuming a fat loss phase?