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Bioactive animal-sourced compounds

Which compounds typically found in animal products would be interesting to supplement for health and performance purposes in vegan/vegetarian populations? Do any of them carry some risks like l-carnitine raising TMAO levels?

Corporate Health Recommendations

With growing health awareness it becomes increasingly important for companies to offer a work environment that pro-actively promotes health (at the very least does not harm it). This is especially crucial as demographics in most industrialized nations require companies to address topics like health to stay competetive for top young talent. If you were to advise a company to establish solid workplace health fundamentals, the 80/20 of it if you will, what would you tell them? What are the crucial elements to have in place? Thanks and keep up the good work, gents!


Hello, my doubt is regarding fish, in terms of the evidence and your opinion, do you recommend it or not? I have my doubts. And because the consensus recommends it, if when compared, they come out badly, damaging health, my doubt is regarding that issue.