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Organic meat

Many of my friends wouldn't eat non organic food and have perception that it is bad to eat non organic foods (pesticides etc.). I know that there is no strong evidence proving this, but is there any other strong argument against this? Also, I have heard a lot of bad stuff about non organic meat, especially chicken - it is high in saturated fat, contains antibiotics, hormones etc. Could you clarify this please? Thanks!

Sweating from stimulants/caffeine

sorry if you guys answered this already although I didn't hear it on the last QNA. I find it very interesting when my caffeine consumption is higher than usual I notice I sweat under my arms more. what is this a sign of? Is it a bad thing that the body does it?


Hi Danny! Glyphosate and GMO foods remain controversial and a source of ‘food fear’ for many. Can you speak to the latest evidence we have on the actual consumption levels of glyphosate in a typical diet and if there is cause for concern at typical intake levels? Thank you for all you do!

Options to lower LDL? Statin data?

Even with a plant based (80%) whole foods diet with low saturated fat and rrgular exercise my cholesterol runs high. I dropped paleo after 5 years and have brought total cholesterol down 50 points to 210 and LDL to 140. No matter what I eat how or much I exercise that seems to be the limit. The data on statins does not look compelling and seems to only really have benefits for those who have already had a heart attack and can tolerate without side effects(interested in your opinion). What do you think and what about red yeast rice and plant sterols. I am 56 with low BMI and excellent diet and metabolic health and take no prescriptions so I am hesitant to. Thanks.


1. What are your thought on Wegovy/Ozempic etc for patients who are not necessarily obese but just want to lose a "few pounds?" 2. Is it really a "game changer" for the obese as some people think? 3. What is it like for patients who get off of it with regards to their weight? 4. Does this medication only "work" because it reduces caloric intake or is there another mechanism at play in the brain? Thanks!!