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Fasting and Muscle Mass Retention

Considering the growing interest in fasting protocols (both TRF and longer fasting protocols) - what would you recommend in these circumstances for the preservation / growth of muscle mass. Would it differ between Intermittent Fasting / Time-Restricted Feeding, and longer (1-3 day) fasts?

Body Composition, lifting and nutrition for the over 60's

I am now over 60 and lift heavy twice a week. What would be a reasonable body fat % for me to aspire to and how much daily protein should I be targetting in my diet?

protein powder absorption

Is it a waste to take too much protein powder at once because some of it won't get absorbed?

Animal Vs Plant (the norm subject)

Does the literature still show that an additional 30-40% of plant derived protein is required to equate a similar response from animal protein? Isolates and sources such as mucoprotein play a role? How does this increase play out when looking at the viability of plant protein in older populations that exhibit anabolic resistance? Is animal protein really still the gold standard? And required as a "high quality" source, especially when dealing with sarcopenic/ co-morbid individuals, who eat less/ move less etc?

Protein denaturation

Does protein powder lose some of its quality if boiling water is added?